Pyinkado Hardwood Flooring 750 x 120 x 15


– Standard moisture content: 8% -13%

– 6 layers of UV paint

– Saturation: 70% – 80%

– Free delivery: we will deliver for free in the radius of 50 kilometers with orders up to 100m2 

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– Type of floor: Hardwood floor

– Dimension:

– Drying moisture: 8% to 14%, processed to anti warp, shrinkage and worm decay. 


Pyinkado hardwood flooring is manufactured from pyinkado wood, which scientific name is Xylia xylocarpa and also known as in English as Merbau. Pyinkado is hard wood type that its height can go up more than 30m. The bole is branchless for up to 25 m to 35m, occasionally fluted, usually straight and cylindrical. The buttresses are small or absent. Pyinkado can weight up to 1150 kg per cubic meter when it is soaked in water it usually drop to the bottom.

Pyinkado timber that are used in making hardwood flooring has many different origins. Most well known are Pyinkado from Cambodian, Laos and Vietnam… Each has different characteristics and quality. Though pyinkado that has the origin in Vietnam is very rare and has the highest quality. 

Pyinkado hardwood flooring is directly imported from Lao and Cambodia, they possess vibrant colors and fine grains. Pyinkado wood that has its originality from Vietnam is even rarer and only be used to make fine furniture. In the market today, it appears that there are Kempas wood that are imported from Malaysia and Indonesia, which has a similar color with Pyinkado. The difference is the grain is straight and rough, the weight is lighter, and the floor finished with reddish color. There also hardwood that are originated and imported from South Africa, though the quality cannot compete with Pyinkado.

To make a ready to use Pyinkado hardwood floor, it must follow a process like: 

Select the high quality Pyinkado timber →  Cut into right dimension → Drying → Processing → Sanding

→ UV coated → Packaging.


Pyinkado hardwood flooring when finished has the natural puce color. The older the timber the more yellow the color becomes. The younger the pyinkado timber the finish will have a touch of reddish color and after being used for sometime it will turn to deep red. A high quality and standard Pyinkado hardwood must achieve the moisture content around 10% to 14%, the solid piece must be coated with waterproof paint, the surface also coated with UV paint with the opacity ranging from 30 to 70% in order to avoid scratches and checks.

Pyinkado hardwood flooring are among the most used by our customers due to its durability, waterproof, can stand high humidity, and the price is cheaper than other hardwood floors. Pyinkado hardwood floor reflects the value of Vietnamese culture, it is used as flooring for luxurious places like villa, resort, living room, or Japanese restaurant…

Pyinkado hardwood flooring has high quality and affordable price. The price is just one half of Narra Padauk wood floor but the quality is on pair with it.


Hardwood Flooring are made of solid pieces of timber that are designed for flooring. It can be either for structural and aesthetic purposes. There are two common types of wood flooring: the first one is hardwood flooring from single and solid pieces of wood. The second is engineered wood flooring that consists of two or more layers of different wood adhered together.

Hardwood floor has been used for centuries and has become one of the most popular covering floor surface materials. This is due to the characteristics of naturalness and charm of wood, it is also because of the versatility of wood function and design. 

Not all wood species have all the needed criteria to be processed into hardwood flooring. There are some of the most popular use of woods such as Pyinkado Wood, Limba wood (also known as Terminalia), Acacia wood (Auriculiformis), and Afzelia wood (also known as Doussie)… These are the wood species that are known for their durability and natural warm. Today we can find hardwood flooring has been used in many luxurious projects as well as home decoration. 

Natural wood is processed and dried in the right temperature to remove moisture and water. After this processing and drying a marvelous hardwood piece is cut into solid piece and be ready to install in every household. Hardwood flooring brings luxurious and comfortable feelings as well as make their space become more elegant.

With the state of the art machines and technologies in manufacturing wood like today, it becomes a premise for many kinds and types of hardwood flooring in terms of quality and pricing, that are suitable for different demands.




Hardwood flooring has a very simple structure that consists of 3 layers:

  • Main material: hardwood floor is made from wood species that are rare and high ages such as Pyinkado Wood, Limba wood (also known as Terminalia), Acacia wood (auriculiformis), and Afzelia wood (also known as Doussie). Wood will be processed and manufactured into solid pieces that have standard dimensions and be ready for further processing.
  • Layers: The surface of piece of wood is coated with UV or PV in 6 layers follow the standard of Germany, in order to maintain wood colors and shininess. Other than that, the surface also be coated with additional layer to make them scratches and checks free. 
  • Joint design: the joint of each piece of hardwood is designed to be simple to connect. When installation people use glue to connect all solid pieces together.



These are some of the advantages of hardwood floor:

  • Hardwood floor are perfect for Vietnam weather: Hardwood floor brings comfort and cool in the summer, while warm and cozy in winter. It is so great to sleep on the hardwood floor without bed. Hardwood flooring also helps to condition the environment of living  and it makes the space of living is so comfortable.
  • Thickness: With general thickness of solid piece of hardwood is around 15 to 18mm, hardwood can stand high pressure than engineered wood floor.
  • Lifespan: Hardwood floor has high lifespan and also its durability makes it perfect for long term use.
  • Surface: The surface of hardwood flooring is coated with UV paint to help it maintains shininess and natural colors of timber. The uv coated paint also helps the surface against moisture, decay, fire, water spill and scratches free.
  • Waterproof: Hardwood flooring can stand with high moisture and water spill. This makes it easier to clean and maintain. 
  • Not contain Formaldehyde, electric resistance, heat resistance: Hardwood flooring is safe material for kids and elderly.
  • Easy to replace: if hardwood floor is damaged or checked, it is easy to paint and process the surface and make the floor new again without needing to replacement.
  • Colors: hardwood floor brings elegance and natural and aesthetic beauty to your space. Hardwood floor are made of natural timber that preserves all natural grains. Therefore, it brings to your space a feeling of comforts just like being in nature.



Hardwood flooring is a great application for home living because it makes the living spaces such as living room, bed room, kitchen and stairs way more natural and connected. Hardwood flooring is also good to make the living space more aesthetic thanks to its natural colors and diversity in styles.

Wood is very good to warm up the living space and brings luxuriousness that no other material can compete. We are committed to supply to our customers authentic, high quality and right all of your demands. 

Do not hesitate! Contact us today so we can help you to make the right decision for hardwood floor for your home and spaces. 

Hotline: 028.3812.1906  Or  0946.199.946 – Mr. Hoang (Available 24/7)




Bach Viet Wood Floor is specialized in manufacturing and distributing luxurious hardwood floors. All products are directly imported woods from Germany, Malaysia, Switzerland, Thailand, Austria,…

We are a leading company in the industry to distribute and install all kinds of hardwood floor all over the world and especially in Ho Chi Minh city.

We are proud to be one of the few companies in the industry to manufacture hardwood floors with the best quality that is used in many reputable projects and contractors in Vietnam and other countries. We are successful in entering the famously demanding in terms of quality and safety like Japan.


ADVANTAGES – Why choose Bach Viet Wood Floor?

  • Bach Viet Wood Floor’s Factory

We manufacture our own hardwood floor products, and because of that, we work directly with our customers so we can give them the best price offers without going through retailers or intermediaries companies. Our commitment is to sell high-grade and authentic hardwood floors.

  • Top notch quality control

At Bach Viet’s Wood Floor, all staff (especially floor contractors) are well trained to be professional and skillful in installing hardwood floors. We also strictly control the manufacturing process and installing process to guarantee that we bring the best quality products with a high aesthetic to our customers.

  • Consultation team with excellent customer service

We will bring to you the catalog of products that you are demanding (in Ho Chi Minh city only) in order to plan and consult the right hardwood floor for your home or projects.

In addition, Bách Việt Wood Floor also actively guides you on how to orders our products, keep delivering process smooth and easy, as well as answer any of your questions and concerns. 

  • Free Delivery

We are proud to deliver our products for free for customers that are located within a radius of 50 kilometers and the total orders are 100m2 and above.

  • Reasonable Price

You will find the best price of all kinds of hardwood floors at Bach Viet Wood Floor. We also provide details of all products, and the most priority is to always deliver the right products on time as your orders. 



Hardwood floor contributes to making your living spaces such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, staircase or lobby look aesthetical. Hardwood floor brings the coziness, intricate beauty and luxury to your home, that no other materials can match its quality.

Other than that, it is very easy to replace and upgrade the quality of the hardwood floor without damaging the floor or walls…

  • Auriculiformis Solid Wood Flooring
  • Pyinkado Wood Floor
  • Terminalia Floor
  • Redwood Floor

All products and services will be regularly updated via our website:

In case you want to find and order another type of hardwood floor that does not list on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us via the below address:




Bach Viet Wood Floor

Address: 90 Than Nhan Trung Street, Ward.13, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Phonenumber: 028.38121906 – or hotline Mr. Hoang: 0946199946




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